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Best Polyamorous Dating Sites 2018

Polyamorous basically means having more than one sexual partner, something that is appealing to many men AND women out there. It’s obviously pretty taboo to walk up to someone to ask if they want to have this kind of arrangement, in fact it might just earn you a slap. Polyamorous dating sites and apps definitely make it a little easier and there and more and more of then appearing online. Let’s take a look at some of the best poly dating sites.


All hail OkCupid because this site is incredible for setting up all kinds of relationships.

It has a range of single people from around the world and the number of polyamorous members is definitely on the rise.

Detail exactly what you want on your profile and you might just find it.

OkCupid is really open-minded in general and the range of features also make it a pretty cool place to hang out.


This website is very different from others and the owners wouldn’t even label themselves as a dating site.

There are hardly any of the features that you would expect but this is what makes FetLife so awesome.

Not a great deal is known about FetLife except for the fact that it is popular with people with fetishes of all kinds (hence the name).

Many people have success in finding poly men and women that they are interested in on this site so why not give this mysterious one a try for yourself.


Although not exactly a dating site, Reddit is a community where users can chat about a whole bunch of different subjects in the range of SubReddits.

It’s a site that officially braces the modern time with many people having interests that are considered to be somewhat unconventional.

There are many threads dedicated to the Polyamorous lifestyle on Reddit where not only can you find potential partners in your area, you can also learn more about it including reading interesting and possibly funny stories on the subject.

Facebook groups

Again not a dating site, but Facebook has lots of closed groups based on the poly lifestyle and you can request to join these.

The benefits to finding potential partners on Facebook rather than a site aimed specifically at dating is that you do not have to pay anything to join and the bonds on here appear somewhat more intimate due to the overall atmosphere of Facebook.


This hookup app might not be completely aimed at those who are polyamorous, but there are many people who use it that enjoy this lifestyle.

It makes finding a potential partner easy and quick, it’s style could actually be comparable to Tinder.

It is really easy to set up a profile on Pure and the fact that is location-based mean that you are more likely to find a poly relationship near you.

There might be more people than you realize that are into this kind of thing and perhaps people that you’ve already.


Adult Friend Finder is a popular site and it is aimed at people looking for sexually charged relationships including threesomes, hookups, and poly encounters.

It does cost to make a premium profile on this site but the sheer number of members are also the different features definitely make it worth considering.

This dating site welcomes people of varying interests and you will find some potential partners that are anything but ordinary.

Those with alternative ways of life and particularly in regards to sex/dating absolutely love this site.

From BDSM, swingers and those looking for more than one partner.

It is really easy to sign up for, the website is also attractive and easy to navigate.

The advanced search options on this site increase the likelihood that you can find somebody that ticks every box.


I hope that this list of the best polyamorous dating sites will help you find what you are looking for.

While they all have their differences, all these platforms have benefits for your average poly male/female.

If you can’t decide, why not sign up for a few of these sites and let fate take the care of the rest?

It’s time to find one (or two) people who can meet your needs in a unique and super fun relationship.

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