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Best Nude Dating Sites 2018: Get Naked With Online Dating

nude dating sites

Believe it or not, but nude dating sites is a real thing!

Now that we’ve got you feeling giddy with nerves and all, we want to introduce you to five of the best online nude dating sites!

If you prefer to be referred to as a naturist and are looking for friendship or a relationship, this is the dating site for you.

It allows for free and paid membership.

You are able to find your naked matches by customizing your search filters according to who you’re interested in like couples or just individuals, gender, age, country, and region.

Once you’ve done all the work, you can get started on your blog and photo gallery creations.

There are really cool chat groups and forums.

Even if you’re just looking for a friend, invite them to meet you at a naturist resort!

If you’re still familiarizing yourself with the site, take a squiz at the First Date Ideas section and other helpful naturist lifestyle resources.

Just play by the rules though, be friendly and don’t post any distasteful content.

This platform is among the most friendlies nude dating sites I’ve ever seen.

Prefer the term nudist? It’s the same shindig as whether you’re looking for friendship or relationships and casual dating.

Have you ever dreamed to be a model on one of the top nude dating sites?

With NudistFirends, your dream can come true.

You can become a featured online model for the site.

You get to show off your bare skin but it brings you more exposure and matches. Winning!

You have access to free and paid memberships.

Both options have different features.

We’ll get to that in a bare moment.

Be sure to participate in the nudist chat groups and forums.

Find your matches by age, region, location, gender, and relationship preferences.

Let’s switch back to the membership thing.

So, if you’re a free member then you’re allowed to upload exactly 26 photos of your bare skinned body, send endless flirty winks, and message people forever.

Upgraded to the gold membership?

You can initiate chatting, adjust your email, wink, and profile settings, and customize your advanced search filters.

Don’t forget to play nice or don’t play at all. This nude dating site has a strict policy.

OkCupid For Nudists

OkCupid is not you typical nude dating site.

But, you are most welcome to just join the Cupid community and specify that you’re into nudism and viola!

There is nakedness waiting to be discovered if you play your cards right.

Look for those singles, couples, friends, hookups.

You never know, someone might just want to hang out in the nude with good company for a while. Just don’t bite!


If nude dating sites is not your thing, join the reddit community for all nudists who support the lifestyle and more.

Ask your questions, share your opinions and naked experiences.

Who doesn’t enjoy pictures of naked lady parts and boobs?

Threads also include links posted which direct you to other nudist sites which have more photo and video uploads.

Facebook Groups For Nudists

There are countless Facebook groups available for all the nudists out there in the big wide world.

It’s actually really cool knowing you can join an online community on social media to bare your naked soul.

We came across two groups we fancied – True Nudists and FullTime Nudist.

True Nudists focuses on uniting the naked people with fellow naked people who want to meet up, chat, admire bare skin and all that kinky stuff.

They have a proper website which you can check out for free.

Considering nudism is all about feeling free in your own skin then why should you pay for the opportunity to meet like-minded people, upload breathtaking nakedness photos and videos?

FullTime Nudist is just a chilled platform to discuss the lifestyle…butt naked kind of discussions though.

Is Nudist Lifestyle and Dating For You?

There are people in this world who think nudity or naturism is far from normal and is only acceptable in the privacy of one’s home.

But there is a large part of the worldwide population who beg to differ. Thus, nude dating is booming now!

The whole nudist community will tell you it’s definitely a cultural thing and these people are pretty friendly and open-minded, obviously!

Some people who love the naked lifestyle just do the usual skinny dipping and beach tanning thing whereas those who are devoted to it spend every part of their lives completely naked.

We’re talking about doing the chores around the house, supermarket trips, visiting nudist resorts, hiking up mountains, absolutely everything.

Americans and Europeans do nudism differently. The Americans do the standard beach and skinny dipping thing. Europeans take it to the next level and do all kinds of stuff in the nude.

Those who live for the naked movement have been described as a really friendly bunch and show the utmost respect towards those who seem a bit mortified at the thought of being publicly naked.

It’s understandable though, as you and I can both imagine how awkward it must feel to once have only been naked in the bath or shower and now suddenly you’re all exposed to the general population completely bare.

Don’t stress though, those who were once new to the concept all said the same thing – the initial fear and nervousness are all in your mind.

As the saying goes, the power of the mind is limitless. Go on then, quit believing the societal brainwash and think about all that airy, open freedom!

The nudist community has happily expressed their feelings on the matter.

Living the nudist lifestyle is pretty cool because you feel a sense of bare freedom and are able to feel completely harmonized with nature in your own skin without clothes.

Another thing you should probably prepare yourself for is the staring.

Yes, everybody stares at your genitals.

So get over yourself and deal with it because it won’t stop – every person likes to catch a peek at the goods in the toolbox.

After all, it’s a completely normal and natural thing to do…literally!

Nudists have emphasized that wherever you go in your bare skin, wear tons of sunblock.

Some parts of your body are not used to the exposure of the sunshine and may take it in quite harshly.

So be prepared or be as wrinkly as something else!

Join the naked movement and showcase the beauty of nudist self-expression!

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