Who would have thought watching a movie with a girl could help you get laid? Well it works because if you haven’t noticed, they love all that soppy stuff. It is definitely worth sitting through a couple of hours of romance for the end result, even if these movies are not particularly to your taste. Let’s take a look at the top movies that will get you laid – guaranteed!

1. Casablanca

This black and white movie will transport you back to old school Hollywood and nothing is more romantic than Hollywood.

The amazing thing about Casablanca is there are no need for frills or special effects, it tells a beautiful story of unrequited love set in World War 2.

The sentimental plot is sure to have her feeling emotional and like she is stuck in her very own romantic movie with you as the leading man.

Let her snuggle up to you while you watch this together and take things from there.

2. The Notebook

What a cliche right?

That might be the case but this is a movie that gets the job done.

Nicholas Sparks KNOWS how to get women excited and The Notebook is probably one of the best for doing so.

It turns out Ryan Gosling spouting cheesy lines and laying in the middle of the road and almost getting hit by a car is a big turn on for women, so just embrace it.

In fairness, this is a pretty good movie with several twists and turns along the way.

Be sure to console her during that sad scene right at the end and you are sure to get laid!

3. Titanic

This is another classic romance movie but it also tells the amazing real life story.

Back when Leonardo DiCaprio was barely out of diapers, he is an absolute babe magnet in this story.

The combination of love and disaster seem to get women really emotional and cuddly when they watch this movie which is absolutely perfect.

This has definitely earned itself a place on this list of movies that will get you laid.

4. Emmanuelle

Taking things up a notch, this movie is sure to get her in the mood because it is basically porn.

This soft-porn movie is about a woman who travels to Bangkok in order to find more from her sexual experiences.

This is definitely something to put on when you’ve been dating her for a little while but perhaps haven’t took the next step yet.

I can guarantee that she will be ripping your clothes off before it’s finished.

4. Killing Me Softly

This erotic thriller starring Heather Graham actually tells a really interesting story.

When two people are drawn together in a passionate affair, is all as it seems or is there something more sinister lurking underneath?

The passion in this movie is quite breathtaking and will hopefully ignite something similar on your date.

5. Fifty Shades Of Grey

If you haven’t hard of Fifty Shades Of Grey, then you’ve surely been living under a rock.

Ever since the launch of these books and movies, women are much more open to experimenting in their sex life and embracing their sexuality.

It might not be quite time to get out the whip and nipple clamps yet but one thing is for sure, this is a definite date movie and one that will get her in the mood for getting up close and personal with you.

6. Unfaithful

This movie is about cheating which might not sound the ideal choice to watch on a date but girls seem to love it.

There are such a range of sexy scenes in this movie, not all the cast are traditionally hot but it’s got something so special that is going to make you both hot under the collar.


Blood and gore isn’t the way to go if you are looking for movies that will get you laid but the ones that have been mentioned are sure winners.

Whether you met her on Tinder and invited her over for “Netflix and chill” or you’ve been dating for a while, these movies are guaranteed to be successful.

Feel free to share YOUR favorite date movies so that any guys reading this have even more inspiration.