Midget Dating Site For Marriage, Sex, or Just Friendship

If you are a midget or you want to date a little man or woman, we brought together the best midget dating sites where you can find a perfect match for serious relationships…or just casual sex.


This is where all little people who are looking for friendship, pen pals, romance, or hookups come to meet.

Join for free or get a paid membership and instantly upload photos, create your little profile, and search for those who have similar interests as you.

Currently, the site only caters to Americans and Canadians but they are planning to make the site available to people in other countries.

So, you can do free browsing of profiles or make things simpler by using a filtered search based on age, gender, and location preferences.

Once you’ve found the little people you like, start flirting, private messaging, participating in live chats, or just upload a ton of photos!

This is probably one of the best midget dating sites for love and relationships.


This is one of the top midget dating sites we discovered and we’ll tell you why – it’s completely and absolutely free!

The site is strongly based on the belief that the foundations of dating and love are built on friendship, hence the name.

So, you can do all that you want on this dating platform for free and all they ask of you in return is for you to share the site with your buddies. That’s it!

These guys are not worried about making a pretty penny off of you.

They make just enough off their advertisers and still donate a fair sum of those profits to charities.

To top that, all they really care about is connecting short friends with fellow short friends. Beautiful!

Date A Midget

This site is pretty straightforward just by reading its name.

Let us explain further…if you’re not a midget and you are interested in forming some kind of relationship with a midget, this is where you should be looking!

This is a kind of midget dating sites you should check out, you also look for sex and casual dating with the midget!

Obviously, you can also be a midget and either want to find a fellow midget or a person who is not a midget to date.

So, you have a lovely selection of choices to make and the site is more than happy to make it much easier for you too.

After joining as a member for free, you create your mysterious profile and add a dashing photo of yourself.

Start your online search by customizing your filters according to age, gender, country, and location.

You can either remain as a free member or upgrade to a paid subscription.

Both allow you to send private messages, instant message, upload photos and use the chat rooms.

The upgrade just has a few tiny extra features if you’re interested in them.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks out there today.

It’s a no-brainer why there wouldn’t be at least one Facebook group devoted to the midget community.

Little people fit in big and small worlds, you know.

We did come across several groups on Facebook dedicated to the short people but two of which caught our eye was; MidgetDatingHelpingLittlePeopleConnect and Date Little People.

We chose these two specifically for no other reason than the fact that both groups help connect midgets with fellow midgets.

Whether little people just want to make friends or are looking for something a bit more meaningful like a long-term relationship or marriage.

Both allow members to message the group admins on Facebook messenger to help them connect with other little people.

Dating A Midget When You Are Not A Midget

Some people consider midgets as subhumans and this is not in the positive way we would imagine.

In societies today, midgets are often referred to by the scientific name of dwarf which comes from the scientific name of the condition called dwarfism.

There are well over 150 dwarfism conditions and the most common form is that of achondroplasia.

A result of having a dwarfism condition is being incredibly short.

This means that adults with a height of 147cm or less classifies the person as a midget. But don’t think for one minute that we don’t think midgets are cool.

Little men and little women all over the world are just like you and me – normal human beings, who want love, sex, and relationships. No wonder there are so many midget dating sites.

Just like those of us who are working professionals, school or university students, wives, husbands, and more. Yes, midgets are exactly the same, except cooler and a wee bit shorter!

It is one thing to be bullied for being a nerd but being bullied and constantly getting stared at because you’re a midget is one thing entirely different.

Midgets have their dwarfism conditions for life which mean no matter where they are in life or in the world, they are prone to bullying and weird stares.

There is no worse way to feel so insignificant or devalued as a human being.

Did you know that people who are obsessed with midgets are call midgaphaeliacs?

Yes, that’s actually a normal thing and probably a sexual thing too. We don’t know for sure though, but the there are quite a few midget dating sites that cater for this audience.

Every single person on planet earth is worthy of love, empowerment, kindness, and care.

This includes little people too.

You may have noticed we keep switching between the words ‘midget’ and ‘little people’.

Truth is, there are organizations out there trying to get the ‘M’ word thrown out of the dictionary and we see the point as to why too.

Back in the gypsy days, midgets were the really short people who performed in shows like circus acts and the like.

So, today there is a huge controversy over whether the word ‘midget’ is a derogatory term or not.

We prefer to use the midget term as we have no judgment over the matter and quite honestly don’t believe that short people are just circus acts.

You’re a circus act for thinking otherwise, though.

Anyway, as we were about to say, midgets often find it quite a challenge to make friends, go on casual dates, or even just freaking fall in love.

Yeah, there are conventions you can go to and stuff but there’s got to be something better than that, right?

We couldn’t agree more!

Which is why we put together a little list of three of the best midget dating sites plus a tiny highlight on Facebook groups that are dedicated to the midget community.

Not all midgets are after serious relationships only.

Some want to find just a casual dating and sex! Just like any human being!!!

For whichever reason, it’s awesome and we say yes to joining these dedicated online communities who work hard towards uniting all the little people in the world!