Did you know that playing guitar can get you laid? Yes, you read that right. Hitting the right strand can lead to explosive strokes. Well, without further ado, these are the top 8 guitar songs that will spark things between your sheets:

1. You are beautiful by James Blunt

This love ballad dominated top music charts for its romantic words and beautiful acoustics.

If you play it right, it will get you on top of someone.

Everyone, especially women, love to hear someone tell them they are beautiful.

Put this into a well strummed tune, and they will be swooning.

You can then rip off those clothes and make them know just how much you mean when you say they are beautiful.

2. Goo goo dolls by Iris

Nothing comes close to the magic of the cascading and soothing sound of this song by Iris.

If you are wondering about guitar songs to get you laid, then goo goo dolls should not miss in your list.

The first line: “And I’d give up forever to touch you, ’cause I know that you feel me somehow….” sets the mood and shows that you are ready for things to go down.

Throw in some long endearing gazes to your love as you sing this, and she might just undress herself!

3. I’m yours by Jason Mraz

Good music is about the slow rhythms and maintained tempo that causes a beautiful eruption.

Well, same describes good sex.

Sustained strokes, measured pauses and then a powerful explosion.

Jason Mraz does exactly that in his song “I’m yours”.

Why not try it and see if it would lead to bed? It never hurts to try.

4. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

This is a classic that tugs into the hearts of many people.

Chances are, when you start singing, the person you want to lay will join in the song, and hopefully, in bed too.

That is the beauty of playing a song that is familiar.

Hit those chords and cause some storm in their bodies.

Make them yell out those broken ha-lle-lujahs as you rock them to orgasm.

5. Nothing else matters by Metallica

Of course nothing else matters when your mind is in getting laid.

Metallica hits the right places with this resonant melody and powerful lyrics.

Sex requires a certain level of trust and vulnerability, and there is something about the way the arrangement of the notes that screams: “Take me to bed right now and do whatever you want with me….”

6. Think out loud by Ed Sheeran

The sultry voice, and the guitar tunes that drop like honey places this song among the top selection of guitar songs to get you laid.

“So honey now…take me into your loving arms….kiss me under the light of thousand stars…..”

Doesn’t that part make you want to rub your naked body against another?

Make sure when you are playing, you emphasize on that line to give a hint that you want to move things deeper (pun intended)

7. Aint no sunshine by Bill Withers

This ranks among one of the most romantic songs ever written.

Simple yet classic, this song will arouse emotions, and the body.

Pluck those notes with deliberate precision and eyes closed for dramatic effect.

Let it lead you where it should (between her legs).

8. My funny valentine by Chet Baker

Do not let the title of this song fool you.

It is deep and the lyrics are what women dream of.

“Each day is valentines day…” is the dominating phrase.

And you know what happens on valentines day?

A lot of kissing and sex.

So, yes, this song is likely to get you laid.

Get your chocolate and flowers ready to show that it is indeed everyday is valentines, and then get your sex game ready, because this song can make it happen.

Never underestimate the power of music.

To quote music songwriter Keith Richards, “Music is a language that does not speak in words.

It speaks in emotions.

If it is in the bones, it is in the bones…” Let your passion for music work for you.

Let it open interesting chapters (and under wears) for you.

Just make sure you are safe while doing it.