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Top 6 *TIPS* On How To Get Laid On Tinder

The Keys To Getting Laid On Tinder

The dating app Tinder makes getting laid easier than ever before. While some people are looking for love on the app, many use it for casual hookups. While you are in your prime and amongst many men who feel the same way, why not take advantage of that? There are many amazing females that use Tinder and it is really important that you respect them. This is, of course, the right thing to do but another reason being that women find sweet and caring guys really hot. Let’s get started on how you can find hot woman on Tinder and take things where you want them to go.

Your Perfect Tinder Photo

I mean, let’s be honest, chicks are just as shallow as us deep down. That is why it’s really important to stand out at first glance, so that she actually wants to give you the time of day. Your profile picture should be the best picture of you that you have of yourself, but do not be deceptive by overly filtering this photo. It needs to be a clear photo of your face where you look confident and are smiling. In terms of the rest of the pictures on your Tinder profile, there should be a decent variety that show you off in a number of different situations. Have a picture of you where you look particularly smart, perhaps in a suit. If you have a decent body, have a photo of you showing this off but in a casual way (not one of those cringy gym selfies!) Last but not least, upload a photo where you are with friends and having fun. Avoid those model-like photos, choose pictures where you are smiling. Dr. Jess Carbino, among other scientists, has proven that smiling photos make a huge difference in whether you gets swiped right on.  the in-house sociologist at Bumble (she previously worked at Tinder).

 Create a Good Profile

Believe it or not, women actually read the profiles on Tinder! It’s important to spend ten minutes or so to come up with a good profile that describes you well without going overboard. You need to find the right balance between keeping it short but sweet, while also standing out from the thousands of other guys in your area that could be messaging her. Remember to give some information about yourself without getting too serious, she doesn’t need to hear your life story. Including a little dry sense of humor on your profile is always a winner. Women love men who can make them laugh and you need to show that you do not take yourself too seriously.

Keep Swiping Right

Swiping right means you are interested in somebody on Tinder and have the potential of a match, while swiping left means the opposite. Of course, you are going to have standards but women are so much more than their appearance alone. You should take the time to read a girls profile when browsing Tinder and get to know a little about her before you snub your tinder match on first impressions alone. So swipe right as often as possible. It it will increase your chances of getting to know different women in your area, and find an attractive girl for quality night stands. This will obviously also increase your chances of getting laid and that is why you are here.

Starting a Conversation

If you are on Tinder and looking to have some fun right away, then you need to message every single girl you match with. This might sound extreme but it’s essential if you want to get to your end goal. While you will not have that connection with every woman or some won’t even reply at all, messaging a bunch of women is definitely the next step in this process. Send a message that says a little more than “Hey babe, how are you?” These are so boring and will instantly have her clicking that delete button! This approach simply doesn’t work! Perhaps strike up a conversation about something that she has said is an interest on her profile? This shows that you have actually taken the time to read it and you are instantly going to stand out from other guys who might have messaged her. For the women that reply, start a natural and friendly Tinder conversation and hopefully, you will find an instant rapport.

Get Her Number and Be Honest

Tinder is fricking awesome but getting her number takes things to a whole new level and hopefully things will progress nicely from that stage. It’s really important that you are honest with what you want from Tinder from the get-go. Nobody likes wasting time. Don’t make out that you are looking for a relationship when you clearly are not. This will get you a bad reputation and it just isn’t a cool thing to do. There are many women on Tinder who are looking for no strings sex just like you so just be honest and nice guy. At the same time, you shouldn’t close yourself off to anything, you might just meet the woman of your dreams without even wanting anything serious to happen.

Date and Have Fun

When you’ve got the numbers of a girl or several girls from Tinder, it’s time for the fun stuff to happen. If you are looking to just get laid, keep the dates as casual as possible – a restaurant probably isn’t the best idea unless this is what she really wants. Going to the bar or even Starbucks is great or maybe you want to bite the bullet and invite her to your place right away. Whatever the case might be, just have fun and does what comes naturally to you both. Get to know one another, be respectful and see where Tinder dating takes you.


There are so many women out there nowadays who are just looking for casual encounters with guys to have fun with on apps like Tinder. No wonder, Tinder is among the best apps to get laid! It’s true, they love sex just as much as we do. many of those women are signed up to Tinder and on the lookout for somebody just like you to have a good time with. Providing you are being safe, sex is fun and exciting so get out there and practice these Tinder techniques for guaranteed success in the world of online dating.

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