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The Best Furdom Dating Sites For All Furries 2018

Being a part of the furry subculture is far from abnormal.

It is simply a different way to express oneself through identifying with an animal or mythical creature and using that as an online persona or even in your lifestyle.

This is what we call the world of furries.

Creating a furry-themed avatar to use on online furry dating sites give you your own identity which you use to distinguish yourself from others or to identify with like-minded furries.

It is a unique way of portraying yourself in a fantasy world which actually exists online with fur dating websites and forums.

You may have created an amazing fursona based on your personality traits which reflect who you truly are.

Or, perhaps you’ve created a fursona which is entirely based on the ideals of who you wish you could be like. You could be that beautiful and mysterious fairy or the rainbow-colored unicorn.

It’s a completely fantastical world in which people can express who they are in a safe and comfortable way.

Whatever you choose to be in the world of furdom, you can find like-minded furries who are looking for that one particular furry friend, mate, or date.

Below, we have listed the five best online furry dating sites.

Whether you’re looking for that furry friend, mate, or just a date, there are fursonas out there waiting for your mating call…


When you’ve joined the online furry dating community on this site, the opportunities of meeting like-minded fursonas from anywhere in the world are endless.

You can sign up for free or sign up for a paid membership which gives you access to additional features.

An interesting feature which is available on both free and paid memberships is the Music Page.

You can upload your favorite mythical or fantastical music for other members to enjoy.

To be matched up and appear in searches frequently, you need to create a full profile of your information with the main profile picture of yourself.

If you want to ensure you keep a furry presence in the community, be sure to keep active on the site.

If you’re a little shy but really like a fellow fursona, you can add them as a favorite or like their profile as a means to initiate contact.


Join an online furry community on Reddit which has forums and threads you can join and follow.

This is a platform mostly used by furries to showcase and commission their favorite fur animals or depictions of their fursonas.

Most of the furries art inspiration comes from various niches such as anime, fantasy, cartoon animal characters, and sports mascots.

Not everyone commissions furry artworks here.

Some fursonas just enjoy keeping up to date on fur-themed art or just post pictures of their fursuits and depictions of their personas like beautiful mythical creatures.


On this dating site, there is no wrong or right way to go about finding furry friends, mates or dates.

Old and new furries can join the community by creating a free profile.

Members can use private messaging or just comment on awesome furry stuff like fursuit uploads online.

The most common furries you will come across are wolves, dragons, unicorns, tigers, lions, huskies, horses, and a lot more.

You can stalk each other, no, not in that way!

Or you can simply just flirt the furry way too.

To simplify the matching up process, just make sure to customize your requirements according to location area, similar fursona interests, sexy kinks, species preferences, age, weight, body type, languages, or even by relationship status.

You can even live the furry dating life on the go by downloading their app too!


If you’re looking for fun and furry dating whether you’re looking to meet up, find a mate or match, or just a furry hookup, then this site is for you provided you are over the age of 18.

It is completely free to join but you can choose to upgrade to various paid membership options which offer additional features.

If you’re keen on finding like-minded friends to go to the next furries convention, you can find these people on here.

You never know what might happen afterward either, furry fun maybe?

The site does not allow any explicit content uploads but they have pretty easy payment options for paid memberships namely PayPal and Ccbill.

These are fast, safe, and secure payment methods to use as well.

If you, by any slight chance, decide you no longer want to have a paid membership, you can totally downgrade to free mode and not have to worry about deactivating your account.

Be sure to keep updated on their blog about all kinds of furry events and successful matchmaking stories.

If you have a success story about how you met your match on FurryMate, be sure to email them letting them know about your new-found happiness and joy.

They would love to hear about these sort of things and will feature it on all their related social media platforms.


Provided you are over the age of 18, you can join an online dating and social community website to meet furry friends, mates, flings, and matches.

Simply create a free profile and search for exactly what you’ve been yearning for.

Once you have a match, you can instantly start messaging each other or arrange a hookup.

Be sure to add a profile photo of your fursona with additional photos if you so wish.

Add as much information as you can into your profile to intrigue fellow furries who might be interested in a bit of playful furry yiffing.

You can also upload furry-themed artworks and nudity content provided it is not overly explicit or distasteful. If you are a free profile member, you have access to browsing member profiles, messaging and flirting with winks.

Whichever paid subscription you’re using, you can enjoy full access to messaging, unlimited winks, chats, and keep a watchful eagle eye’s view on whose been admiring your profile.

Furry self-expression comes in all shapes and sizes which means furries worldwide will always be there waiting to meet you.

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