Nerds Dating Sites That Work!

When you aren’t playing a video game or working on a science project, you’ve definitely got time to mix with a potential love interest and hey, geek chic is in right now! There are plenty of opportunities to find love thanks to the internet and there are actually many dating websites that are aimed at nerds who want to get out there. Let’s take a look at some of the best dating sites for nerds so that you can hit that sign up button and hopefully find what you are looking for.


This is the dating site for nerds with a difference and it offers a multitude of different options if you are a little shy to make the first move. There are many search options on this platform so that you can narrow down the playing field but you will have access to every single member. Zoosk is great for nerds because of the mega flirt option, which is really handy. This allows you to meet lots of singles at the same time, without coming across creepy or having to think of anything to say. You choose an automated ice breaker message which is then sent out to many people at the same time. As for those that reply, the ball is then in your court but the fact they are talking to you means they are interested so this should give you a little more confidence.

You’ve likely already heard of match and it might be perfect for you as a nerd because scientific reasoning is behind the matches that you will be given, helping you to find your dream partner. The sophisticated features are guaranteed to be appealing to you so take as much time as you want to explore them. It’s good to know that with the large amount of members that are on this site, it increases your chances of finding the right one for you. Although this one isn’t specifically aimed at geeks, it definitely could work.

Elite Singles

At this point in your life it might be time to stop messing around and just settle down. This is exactly what Elite Singles is for so it might be worth giving a try if you are looking for something more than casual hookups. Only the best members are on this site, which means they are usually highly educated and the exact type of match that you are looking for. The site is pretty smart too and it will suggest people who it thinks you will get on well with, in fact you could get up to 7 matches a day and it is then up to you to take things further with these affluent members.


This is actually a dating app and it’s specifically aimed at nerds who are looking to find friendship, quick hookup or a possible partner. A big benefit of this app is that members have to register using their Facebook profile, which greatly reduces the risk of scammers or people who are not being genuine which is always a worry on dating sites. This platform was actually put together by a geek who was having trouble finding what he was looking for on Tinder, Bumble and so on. Cuddli is more like a community where you can talk about gaming, movies or anything else that you love. You have the ability to communicate with stickers and emojis which is pretty cool. You can even play games against other members which definitely helps to break the ice. When using Cuddli, remember that you are all there for the same reason and you are actually in to the same kind of things. This should make forming a romantic relationship mush easier.


Dating isn’t all about ripped bodies and blonde beach babes, there are platforms out there for all different groups of people to make the most of. Once you’ve signed up for one (or several) of these sites, you need to show off your confidence. If your confidence isn’t quite there yet, just be yourself and letting your personality shine through WILL work if you chat to enough people. It’s time to be bold and stop making excuses. Play this well and you could find your dream partner before the year is out.