To get an answer to your most burning question – what are the best black dating sites? – you have come to the right place.

Only we won’t be discussing just websites but other platforms as well where you can meet someone to fall in love with, have casual sex with, or to establish a long-lasting friendship.

Let’s get to it!

Black Cupid

Many of us would like to keep our endeavours in our love life for ourselves. And who would blame you? It’s a very personal thing after all.

This is where Black Cupid comes in.

It is a fantastic platform with a plethora of options that help you with finding the perfect partner for every reason imaginable.

It all depends on you and what you fill in to make your profile complete.

Black Cupid is not like the other platforms where you can find the partner of your dreams.

The disadvantages that come with free dating platforms is that it’s extremely limited, everyone is using them (which explains the lack in privacy), and often “matches” you with a person that are NOT AT ALL your type or the one you’re looking for.

Instead using Black Cupid increases your chances to find the perfect partner by giving you a pretty big list with specifics about yourself and an extensive filter option that enables you to find exactly the right person.

It truly is a premium service and can be used against a very reasonable price.

Gold membership

  • Pay for one month: €30,99 per month
  • Pay for 3 months: €20,66 per month
  • Pay for a year: €10,33 per month

Platinum Membership

  • Pay for one month: €35,98 per month
  • Pay for one month: €24 per month
  • Pay for one month: €12 per month

You can’t put a price on love though, am I right?


With over 200,000,000 users, Badoo is one of the biggest freemium services for singles of every race who are searching for their soulmate.

It’s relatively limited when it comes to search functionality but offers your more freedom in choosing who you would like to talk to as opposed to apps like Tinder.

You start off by uploading your picture(s) and writing a bit about yourself which is optional.

However if you really want to increase your chances in the love market a solid description will do wonders for your social interaction in the app.

Once you put your prettiest smile on there and gave a little explanation about yourself you will be asked to verify your identity by making a selfie that is in line with the example picture you’ll be shown.

You can start chatting with people without doing this but at some point in time they do need to verify you.

After you went through the nitty gritty formalities, you can filter your search results on age, gender, and proximity.

Unfortunately the app does not enable its users to filter based on interest or other specifics.

From my own experience I can tell that the majority of the people on Badoo are real people and not bots, but since it’s a free service you can’t rule out bumping into a few fake profiles once and a while.

Pro-tip: If you want to make sure that the person you talk to is a real person pay close attention to the “badoo premium” badge under his or her name. This is the paid version of badoo which gives you authenticity but also so-called super powers which allow you to talk to new joiners, and people that are “hot” aka. Very popular.

Meet Ebony Girls

A Facebook group that is free and open to the public which is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

With over 75,500 members and counting this might seem a small group at first but you have to imagine that the people that are connected to this group are here with the same goal you have; find the perfect black partner.

I have to add that this is for the risky few that want to meet the person they are searching for.

Within the group there are plenty of people who openly share their phone numbers and many discussions are out in the open.

Depending on how willing you are and how far you are ready to go to be matched with someone you like, this group might be for you.

Bear in mind though that Facebook is accessible by everyone and all their personal information may be, softly put, not up to date.

In other words you’re never really sure who the person is you’re talking too until you engaged in long-lasting conversations and after you met with the person.

If you’d ask me it’s not the first place I would visit to meet with someone, but since we are listing several options for you to meet the perfect black partner it sure is worth checking out and decide for yourself whether this is the right platform for you.

FourSquare City Guide

This is an interesting one.

It certainly isn’t a dating app BUT it does help you to meet new people going to the spots they recommend.

What was initially an app that could turn you into a “mayor” for venues you frequently visit has turned into an app where like-minded people find each other in the places they like the most.

You can read and see in the comments what kind of people hang out at certain venues and you can decide to visit the place whenever you like knowing that your soulmate might be there.

The kicker is that it’s completely free of charge!

I don’t have the numbers on the success rates of using FourSquare city guide to meet new people, but you can imagine that having an overview of the types of people that visit certain places makes your life much easier in deciding what place to visit and increase your chance of finding the right black partner.