Let’s be honest—with the surge in popularity of dating apps such as Tinder, we live in a society that judges a lot by outward appearance and first impressions.

One way to make a great first impression is by choosing the right line of work.

We’ve done the dirty work for you and researched the best jobs for getting laid.


Who hasn’t had a dirty fantasy about that one dreamy Science teacher they had back in high school?

There’s something sexy about teachers—maybe it’s the fact that they’re someone in control, someone that people look up to and follow without question.

Or maybe everyone just gets really hot for education.

Who knows?

The “why” factor may be a mystery, but the important part is that being a teacher will get you the right swipes that you deserve.


This profession is a fairly predictable one.

The streets on Halloween are filled with drunken partiers in sexy versions of lab coats with stethoscopes around their necks.

Because, hey- saving lives and cleaning teeth?

Apparently, that’ll get anyone’s blood going.

Being a doctor or a dentist shows your potential boot-knocking buddy that you have a reliable source of income and are reasonably intelligent—or at least good enough at studying to undergo an insane amount of school leading up to your degree.

TV and movies have helped with this great reputation, and men and women in this profession have no trouble finding dates.

When they have the time, that is.

Personal Trainers

Few professions have the job benefit of “serious booty” than personal trainers.

For one thing, to be a professional trainer, you often have to be in remarkably good shape.

You are also dealing with clients who are either also in good shape, or are looking to get there with your help.

Nothing says “sexy” like someone who exercises often and keeps their body looking like an action hero.

Personal trainers are also usually working independently, which is an attractive quality for a potential date.


Everyone like a confident, successful person, and being an entrepreneur or a CEO checks all the boxes.

Being an entrepreneur shows that you are creative, a go-getter, and financially independent.

Entrepreneurs are often passionate about their work, which your potential playmates will hope also means you’d be passionate about the “work” you could be doing together.

Being a CEO shows that you know how to be in control, are intelligent enough to successfully run a business, and have people answer to you.

It also simply means you are the boss—and your date will hope you’ll be their personal boss all the way into the bedroom, if you know what we mean.

Being able to say you’re an entrepreneur or a CEO will draw people to you effortlessly, as we humans are attracted to those we perceive to be more successful than us in some way.

You’ve climbed to the top of the ladder, and those on the rungs below you will admire and lust after you for it.

Real Estate Agents

There’s an attractive quality to working in real estate.

It shows you to be insightful and intelligent, as the real estate business is a cutthroat one.

You are definitely attractive dating material as a real estate agent.

Plus, who doesn’t dream of doing it at an open house? Sexy.

Interior Designers

This profession works especially well for the ladies, as it has been proven to be an attractive profession more for female interior designers than for men.

That said, if you can make a living designing other people’s homes and workplaces, getting laid will be the least of your worries.

Being in this profession shows that not only is your taste good, it’s good enough that people pay you for your opinion.

You are essentially an artist, which can be incredibly sexy for a lot of people.

Pilot/ Flight Attendant

Be prepared to have underwear thrown at you if you’re in one of these two professions, because they consistently top most “Sexiest Professions” lists.

Could be the uniform, could be the attraction of a well-travelled, knowledgeable person.

Maybe it’s something in the cabin-pressured air.

All we know is that both professions are considered exotic and exciting, something very attractive to potential dates.

Not to mention you need considerable intelligence to be able to work in these professions.


What do you think about our choices?

If you’re searching for a job that will attract positive attention and get you laid, consider these professions and find out for yourself if you agree.